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The camera is situated in the Old Town Market Square in Warsaw, Poland. Each of four sides of the Market has its name: the Zakrzewski side, the Barss's side, the Dekert's sideand finally the Kołłątaj side. The camera looks from the Zakrzewski side on the Dekert's side.

This is an exceptional place during each season of the year. In winter one can admire Christmas decorations, laced lights and a living Christmas tree with hanging colourful baubles. Warsaw citizens crowdly arrive to do Christmas shopping on an annual Christmas fair.

In spring first open-air restaurants appear, where both Warsaw citizens and foreign tourists can escape from the city noise. Two restaurants belong to a well-known celebrity - Magda Gessler. A special climate is reinforced by horse-driven carriages, which allow to appreciate Old Town streets from a different perspective.

In summer you can please your ear with sound of a barrel organ and organist's companion - a giant parrot. By day street artists entartain the public with soap bubbles and break dance. At dusk a team of fire eaters shows off their tricks, therefore competing with the Bazyliszek dragon who according to the legend used to eat humans and scared them in one of tenement houses on the Zakrzewski side. On hot days ladies occupy old town benches in order to sun-bathe and feed ever-present pigeons and sparrows.

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